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You've explored the Metaverse, now what?

Welcome to the Infinicitizens Marketing Community, designed
to provide you with an exciting and innovative way to network and market your business. 

As a member of Infinicitizens, you will gain access to a vibrant community of local business owners who are passionate about growing their businesses and making valuable connections. Our team is committed to helping businesses succeed by offering a variety of resources and support services.

Become a citizen and join the Metaverse Chamber
Add your business to Infinimaps and the Discovery Menu
Get expert assistance to boost your online presence
Achieve amazing results for your business in the Metaverse

All About You

We are a community of citizens that want to make the Infiniverse more engaging, more community focused, and help businesses setup their shop for organic traffic.

The Orientation

Every visitor should consider becoming a citizen. They will then receive a passport that can be used to gain access to special areas in the Infiniverse, they receive access to a set of orientation videos created for citizens by citizens, and they gain access to business services to help build their brand. Citizenship  is community.


The Process

To become a citizen is easy. First, pick an apartment anywhere in the city and make it yours. Next, submit your $2 passport fee to our citizen team and you will receive instructions to load up your avatar photo, your apartment address, and some fun facts. You will then receive the citizenship png with a unique code. After 1 year of citizenship, you will receive an NFT. Join our union of Infiniverse Citizens Today!!!